222 Mapleview Dr. W., Ste. 300, Barrie, Ontario L4N 9E7

111 Essa Road

Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Project Manager

Mike Parkhurst, A.E.T.

Technical Members

Aaron Menard, P.Eng.

Adam Shuker

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Project Overview

Design is a powerful tool that we can use to transform the way we experience housing, ensuring it is accessible to everyone. At our core, we believe that good design should remove barriers and provide inclusive access for individuals of all abilities. Our approach combines functionality with aesthetics, acknowledging that accessible design not only enriches lives but also contributes to a more inclusive and empathetic society. We are committed to pioneering designs that foster equal access to housing and ultimately improve the quality of life for all.

In collaboration with the Client, we initiated the process by conducting an extensive zoning review, assessing permitted size, location, and any design constraints impacting a detached dwelling. Following this, we proceeded to craft a tailored design for the detached dwelling, accommodating the Client's requirements, including the provision of two bedrooms. Additionally, we facilitated the acquisition of the necessary building permit from the City.

Project Features