222 Mapleview Dr. W., Ste. 300, Barrie, Ontario L4N 9E7

Notre Dame Water Servicing

Orillia, Ontario, Canada

Project Manager

Jeff McCuaig, P. Eng.

Technical Members

Josh Small, P. Eng.

Peter Derro, P. Eng.

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Project Overview

Connecting the school to City water signifies a significant improvement in the daily lives of the students. It's more than just a practical infrastructure upgrade; it's a commitment to providing safe, clean, and reliable drinking water for the school community. Working with the Simcoe-Muskoka Catholic District School Board, we were the Civil & Mechanical Engineers of Record for the domestic and fire water service design for Notre Dame Catholic School. This design provided the school and its students with a constant water supply by allowing connection to the municipal water service instead of their well.

This connection to City water instills a sense of security, both for the students and their families, knowing that their school prioritizes their welfare. Ultimately, it con-tributes to a positive and conducive learning environment, where students can focus on their studies without the worry of water-related issues.

Project Features

• Tying the existing School into the Municipal Watermain

• New Backflow Preventor within the School

• Decommissioning of the well and equipment inside the School