222 Mapleview Dr. W., Ste. 300, Barrie, Ontario L4N 9E7

Severn Firehall (Station #2)

Severn, Ontario, Canada

Project Manager

Cassie Frengopoulos, P. Eng.

Technical Members

Jeff McCuaig, P. Eng.

Ray Collins, BBA, C. Tech.

Jesse Longworth, P. Eng.

Josh Small, P. Eng.

Peter Binsted, P. Eng.

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Project Overview

The new Severn Fire Station No. 2 marks a substantial upgrade for the Township of Severn Fire Department compared to the previous facility at the same location. This state-of-the-art fire station has not only resulted in reduced response times for the thriving community but also provides ample space for training exercises and significantly expands the capacity for vehicle storage and equipment.

Collaborating closely with various esteemed Sub-Consultants, including the Architect, Landscape Architect, Surveyor, Geotechnical Engineer, and Designated Substance Surveyor, we served as the Prime Consultant and Engineers of record for this 8,300-sq.ft. Fire Station, complete with a pre-cast concrete mezzanine. The building was meticulously designed as a pre-engineered structure, featuring a 4:12 roof pitch to complement the original building that was demolished as part of this project.

Project Features

• Project Management & Prime Consultant

• Post-Disaster Building

• 4:12 Roof Pitch on Pre-Engineered Building supplied by the Contractor

• Seismic Restraint Design under the Mechanical Sub-Trade

• Fire Training Cisterns

• Mechanical Equipment Powered by Propane

• Emergency Generator