222 Mapleview Dr. W., Ste. 300, Barrie, Ontario L4N 9E7

Walker Klassen RX

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Project Manager

James Machado

Technical Members

Peter Binsted, P.End.

Alysha Mongillo

Aaron Mendard, P.Eng.

Xin Li, P.Eng.

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Project Overview

Founded in 1988 by visionary Walter Klassen, Walter Klassen RX is a collective of makers and dreamers has been pioneering the film industry for over 30 years, contributing on both sides of the camera. Behind the camera, they provide camera operators with reliable and comfortable solutions for the most demanding film sets. In front of the camera, their expertise lies in crafting intricately detailed practical props, employing a unique blend of state-of-the-art techniques and traditional craftsmanship. Their new facility is equipped with a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art services, including 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, CNC Machining, Laser Cutting, Mould Making, CAD Design, Custom Electronics, Leather Work, Painting and Finishing, and Costume Design.

As Mechanical and Structural Engineers of Record, we played a crucial role in overseeing the design for the installation of the paint booth. Collaborating with Flatline Spray Booth Specialists, we meticulously designed the venting system and supports for fume exhaust. Our environmental assessment covered various aspects, including material usage, facility layout, filters, and exhaust specifications, ensuring compliance with environmental registration requirements under the Ontario Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR). Additionally, we conducted air modeling and analyses of odour and noise to meet Ministry standards.

Project Features